Trad crews

Not all spacer crews are Traditional.

A Traditional crew:
• Is associated with a single spacer ship
• Is all male
• Consists of a captain, 'crew' and one or more cats'
• A few Traditional crews have 'cabin boys'

A Traditional crew lives in a very prescribed way:
• They adhere very strictly to the spacer code
• The captain has his own cabin and sleeps separately    from the rest of the crew - he is only allowed into the    crew room when invited by the queen
• The 'crew' and cat(s) sleep in the crewroom - this is a    single space only divided by drapes
• 'Cats', short for catamites, are apprentices - they join at    fourteen and become full members of the crew once    they can hold their own in a hand-to-hand combat    armed with a knife
• 'Cabin boys' are pre-apprentices between the ages of    twelve and fourteen - they sleep in a separate room to    the crewroom
• Members of the crew, including cats, usually share sex    but cabin boys are strictly off limits

Non-traditional crews still follow the spacer code but do not live in the Traditional way. Examples include:
• All female crews
• Mixed crews
• Family crews
• Clan crews, many of which have a more military    structure

The image of the spacer was commissioned by Kamil Jadczak