Shared technology

Technology varies from planet to planet and system to system. Some isolated planets have are in the equivalent of the stone age. Others have highly developed specialised technology.

Along the shipping lanes technology is traded.

Spacers have their own technology: ships; stations; energy harvesters; batteries; gravitational field generators; drives; scopes; air scrubbers; recyclers; guns; stabilisers; shields; escape pods. Manufacture of key components, like gravitational field generators, is spread across five different spacestations. Standard models of these key components are always available at a set cost.

Then there are the gates and the Mulligan drives, which can only be purchased from Gaters.

Taboo technology

Artificial Intelligence is banned and all children, even those in the Fringe, are taught that it is WRONG and will LEAD TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE if it is allowed to occur – being identified as a potential source of AI is a sure way of getting your whole system eliminated by Centre.

This means that autonomous computer systems are rare and human oversight is seen as an essential component of all control systems – up to a millennium ago even having a computer programme controlling something was frowned upon and people still talk about ‘processors’ rather than ‘computers’.

Banned technology

Centre is morally and ethically opposed to genetic engineering on humans other than for individually licensed medical procedures – there was a time when they tried to eliminate it from known space but it keeps popping up and, at this time, is relatively common in the Fringe

The ban on genetic engineering in humans led to the creating of hybrids – humans with enough animal DNA that they could be categorised as non-human – at this time hybrids and hybrid engineers are banded from Centre and The Borders – surviving hybrid engineers are those prudent enough to steer clear of the Inner Fringe and therefore avoid Centre’s attention

New technology

Light speed data relays have been installed on either side of many gates. This allows for light speed data communications along what people are beginning to call the data streams.

Tapes are being superseded by data crystals or the smaller data crystal wafers for storage of data.

Nanobots have been developed that can be engineered to carry out specific tasks within a living being. During the last century this has become the technology of choice for the super-rich across the Fringe because of its potential for age-retard and cosmetic procedures.
The picture of Kazuki, a canine-human hybrid, was a gift from the artist known as G2677 on