Spacers are people who live by the spacer code.
• Behave with honour
• Keep your word
• Follow the rules of conflict
• Protect your crew
• Respond to maydays with genuine offers of    rescue
• Do not ask about a spacer's background
• Slavery is unacceptable
• Anyone under fourteen standard years old is    a child and children are to be protected, not    abused or exploited

The rules of conflict are:
• Seek to resolve all conflicts via formalised    hand-to-hand combat armed only with a    knife
• Never attack without warning

Originally all spacers were nomadic, travelling in ships between the stars. They were all male; long ago an overwhelmingly male population decided to exclude females. A spacer owed his allegiance only to his crew.

You can recognise a spacer from his long hair, earrings, tight pants, short jacket and the knife strapped to his thigh.

For millenniums, all spacers were young and male. A boy would decide to space. He would join a crew. Most died. Some lived long enough to retire and became an ex-spacer living in a culture they often found alien and unwelcoming.

Sometimes a couple would retire together. Occasionally a crew would decide that they wanted to live out their lives together.

Some crews turned their ships into family ships. Some spacers took over or built space stations. Others set up communities on planets.

By the time when Arcana is set, the situation is complicated. There are:

This image of a spacer was commissioned from William V Black