Trilogy One - Reaching out from the shadows

Jax does not know why he is drawn to Rae. Rae is an urchin: close to feral; not even purebred. Jax's mother would say that such individuals were beneath them and his father would consider them vermin.
Cast Adrift
Ean is queen of the Willow, a small ship with a Traditional crew who live in space and trade between the stars. Suddenly Tre, the laid back crew enforcer, is demanding that they dash to one system to pick up cabin boys and then divert to another to recruit an adolescent who is utterly unsuited to spacer life. Who is Jax? What is Rae? Why is the most powerful individual in Known Space interested in Kip? Most importantly, what is Tre up to?
The Willow is destroyed; the survivors amongst the crew scattered. Jax is in the hands of his enemies. Will Tre’s loyalty to Jax mean that he abandons the rest of his crew? Will Jax let him? How will Rae react to being separated from Jax? Just how dangerous is Kip when he is determined to save the people he loves? And where is Ean?
The crew of the Willow has been reunited. They have a new ship, the Salix, and a foothold in Tarrasade. Allies are emerging but enemies are still lying in wait. Is neutralising a key member of Jax’s team a crippling blow? Will Jax resolve his conflicted feelings about Rae? Are Ean and Kip’s futures compatible with Jax’s? Most urgently, can Jax risk accepting his uncle’s gift?
Trilogy Two – Grasping and holding on
Trilogy Three – Crushing or letting go
My thanks and my gratitude to Eric Kiernan and to Blake who have been my readers for Cast Adrift and Foothold as well as continuing to help me with Homeward.