Forty years in the making

I am one of those people who write stories. There is a cardboard box of spiral-bound notebooks from my teens and twenties. There is another with print outs from my first ever word processor. Then there are the 5¼ inch floppy disks, the 3½ inch floppy disks and the CD-ROMS. Finally there was the folder on my PC called ‘Scribble’.

Over the decades the fiction writing slowed and finally completely stalled. I wrote stories in my head but never got around to committing them to a page. The boxes just moved from one shelf to another; the folder from one computer to the next.

No one had ever read any of the stories and, in my heart, I never expected that anyone ever would. The world in which they were set, my world of the far future, would remain uniquely mine.

Then three things happened at once. I started watching anime, I discovered fanfiction online and I hit fifty.

So I decided to see what it was like to write with readers. I was watching the series ‘Naruto’ and, like many fans of the anime and the manga, my interest was caught by one of the main characters.

I started to think of that character in my world. Then the ‘what ifs’ took hold. Then I found my way onto a fanfiction site and started to write ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’.

I spent every spare moment of the next three and a half years writing fanfiction and made some life-changing discoveries. Some people like my stories, even the ones with my characters, and it is much, much easier to write when I have readers eager for more.

Then I decided to write a book: my characters set in my world. I made a foolish decision; it would be something new rather than a development of one of the stories I had written when I was younger.

So, eighteen months later, here it is. Finally a story written for readers rather than myself.

I hope you decide to read it.