The World of Mannah Pierce

This is my world. It is a world of the far future where Earth is a myth and mankind is spread across the galaxies. Some people live out their lives on a single planet or space station. Some travel between solar systems for work or pleasure. Many emigrate.

Others, the spacers, roam between the stars.

It is the world in which I set my stories.

Arcana is a work in progress. The first three books in the series, Cast Adrift, Foothold and Homeward, are available as ebooks and paperbacks. 

One morning Jax's life changes forever. His mother wakes him with the news that his father is dead, murdered by his uncle. He must flee while his mother stays behind to face certain death. Can he stay safe long enough to grow into the heir his father wanted and wrest the leadership of the Navaja spacer clan from his uncle's grasp?

Colours is a selection of my original fiction that has been posted online and is available to read free of charge. It is raw and unpolished but some readers prefer it that way.

James has vague recollections of a time before She was the be all and end all of his world. He remembers choosing This over agony, death or madness. Can he ever be normal and, of he can, will he ever be happy that way? Read Colours of the mind to find out.

Jason knows what life holds for him. He will serve his apprenticeship working thread and, if he does well, he may have his own workshop one day. Then Kell and his spacer crew walk into the shop and Jason's life changes forever.

Writing fiction with some of Masashi Kishimoto's characters from Naruto rekindled my interest in writing fiction after over a decade. Some of the characters are Masashi Kishimoto's but the world is mine. You can find the stories on one of two fanfiction sites.

My Naruto space saga begins with Sasuke as the last Uchiha; a broken and empty adolescent, lost in a dark place, who only lives to fulfil his duty. Can anyone bring light into Sasuke's life?


Homeward is available to buy

Foothold is available to buy

Cast Adrift is available to buy